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Download Angry Birds Space 2012 Full Patch Serial

Free download angry bird space with patch and serial Space seems like a fitting locale for the casual gaming franchise Angry Birds, considering its meteoric rise in popularity since launching 2009.

Between its flagship title and expansions such as Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, the series has netted more than 700 million downloads on various platforms.

However, it certainly seemed as if developer Rovio was content with the status quo, churning out different flavors of what was essentially the same bird-catapulting, pig-smashing adventure.

Free download angry bird space with patch and serial Fortunately for fans of the franchise, their new release Angry Birds Space is more ambitious. The mix of different power-ups and introduction of zero gravity has created a refreshing yet still very addictive casual game.

The premise remains similar: The furious flock wants their eggs back from a group of greedy pigs, and must bash through safe havens made of stone, wood and ice to take them out.

The game has introduced some new birds as well. The yellow bird has now been transformed into a purple triangular bird which can be aimed in any direction on double tapping once released. Then there's the Ice Bird which turns any structure into a good portion of ice making it easier for other birds to easily break through.

Visually, the game looks stellar with detailed backgrounds. A useful addition to the aesthetics of the game is introduction of a red dotted line marking the trajectory of the bird while pulling them back to fire. This is quite helpful when it comes to aiming.
The background music is pretty neat with variations of the Angry Birds theme that now employs brilliant sci-fi effects. The sounds of the birds and the pigs largely remain the same as before.

The game fields have totally changed since it is now set in space. There are 4 worlds to begin with: Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Danger Zone, and Eggsteroids with more worlds to be offered by Rovio soon. As you play along, you realize that applying plain physics isn't the only requirement of the game and you end up exploring various trial and error methods for the gravitational pull concept.

You can chose to either to directly aim at the pigs to push them out of the gravity field towards the ground or shoot at the asteroids to cause some major destruction. This allows pieces to disintegrate and float in space which I thought looked really cool.
Most of the birds players have grown familiar with return, including the traditional red bird, a tiny, blue-and-red bird that splits into three and a black bird that doubles as a bomb. Joining the group in Angry Birds Space is a purple bird that can redirect its flight path to target a specific area and a light-blue bird that freezes nearby obstructions.

But Angry Birds Space goes much further than adding more characters to fling about. Players must now contend with gravity, which adds another layer to setting up your next shot.

I found the stages quite challenging with the introduction of the gravitational field concept. The birds are launched from an asteroid surface that curves around 360 degrees while the huge halos have a deteriorating gravity field within.

Certain levels have more than one gravity field and requires you to aim in such a way that the bird goes through one field in one direction and the other way in another field to finally hit the target. If you miss the pigs, the birds are seen flying into outer space and disappearing from the screen.

Some levels also have golden eggs hidden on certain surfaces. If you manage to aim correctly, they immediately take you through a warp zone to play a bonus level.

Angry Birds Space 2012 FEATURES :

    60 interstellar levels!
    Regular free updates!
    Brand new birds!
    Brand new superpowers!
    Zero-gravity space adventures!
    Trick shots using planets’ gravity!
    New in-app purchases!
    Hidden bonus levels!
    Beautifully detailed backgrounds!

System requirements :

    Windows XP/Vista/7
    1 GHz •
    256 MB RAM

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